True Type | Our Story
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Our Story

A little about us…

We’re friends from Perth who met at work before spreading our wings for a while. We’re excited to team up again as consultants in the home-town we love.

Over the years we’ve worked across Australia and overseas for companies of all shapes and sizes. We’ve worked with multi-national teams, on remote sites, in creative spaces and in businesses with budgets big and small.

Now we’re in that sweet spot where our experiences give us the confidence to share what we know works well with others.

And having the flexibility to raise our young families at the same time is priceless.

For us this is a time of feeling motivated and energised. Of stepping out of comfort zones and reinventing ourselves, while staying true to who we are.

It’s a time of sharing new experiences, overcoming challenges, learning from others, giving back to our community and being grateful to our clients, consulting partners, family and friends for backing us.

We’re proud to be part of a business that extends us while helping others, and allows us to combine work and family in a way that feels right.

The future is bright for TrueType and we’re grateful for all the opportunities that continue to come our way.

Get to know our team

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